10 ways to budget for Christmas

10 ways to budget for Christmas

1 – Don’t pay for Christmas with December’s income – plan savings throughout Autumn and early Winter specifically for spending on Christmas activities

2 – Buy presents AFTER Christmas – OK, this isn’t going to please the kids too much, but if there’s something specific that your favourite Aunt or Uncle have asked for, perhaps think about something creative (and free/cheap) for Christmas Day that explains they’ll be getting what they want in the New Year when the sales are on

3 – Buy your goods with a cash-back credit card – some offers on the market currently are offering 5% cash-back, so as long as you pay your card off in full, that’s a 5% saving!

4 – Don’t know what to give?  – For the conscientious friend, or when you are stuck for ideas, consider giving to charity, or sponsoring something in their name

5 – Give away your time – A completely free way to give a gift is to give your time. This can be to friend in the form of a promise to babysit, weed the garden, build a shed – whatever would be valuable to them. These can be found on the internet as templates by searching for ‘personal cheques’

6 – Reduce your sphere – buying a present for every member of your extended family just isn’t necessary. Keep the focus on the kids and just enjoy (or not) the company of the adults.

7 – Give happiness, not expensiveness – ever heard or seen a kid play with the box more than the present. There’s a reason for that, and you don’t need to overspend to deliver a smile.

8 – Don’t abandon your normal money saving principles – if you buy own brand or cheaper brands all year long, don’t abandon this principle and buy the most expensive on offer just because it’s Christmas. Most of the Christmas dinner isn’t really improved by going up a brand anyway

9 – It’s the same for drinks – don’t get sucked into a high-end bottle of Champagne for an occasion that comes around every year. Keep the expensive stuff for the once-in-a-lifetime celebrations.

10 – Buy perfume and aftershave now! – nearly all fragrances are heavily discounted before Christmas, because most fragrances are sold before Christmas! It’s a supply and demand thing that means retailers will happily discount against the high volumes sold in December.




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