Best way to pop the question

Best way to pop the question

Marriage proposals can be daunting at the best of times even if you are pretty sure the answer will be ‘yes’! And how do you hide that bulky ring box in your trousers without drawing attention to a bulge?

Well thankfully designer Andrew Zo has come up with an answer. The ‘Clifton’ is a slimline leather bound engagement ring box that is only 1cm thick and will slip into your pocket easier than a wallet. But it’s not ‘just’ a box because when you open it the ring doesn’t ‘just’ appear but pirouettes into position like a ‘blooming flower’.


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But at $90 (approx £55) the price tag may be a little steep but with the average engagement ring costing $2,300 (approx £1,416) I’m sure she’s worth it!

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