7 Ways To Get Yourself Organised

7 Ways To Get Yourself Organised

Because it’s actually easier than you think! Being organised is a skill that is learned, not natural, and is based on simple habits. Here’s some to consider;

Reduce the burden

Many to-do lists contain tasks that are just not possible to achieve, so get rid of them before you start. Be more realistic when setting goals both in terms of number of tasks, but what those tasks are.

Write it down

Aside from forming a focussed list of what you need to achieve, it will also feel great when you cross of task after task after task after….

Use an in-tray

Put all non-urgent mail, bills etc into and in-tray and dedicate one day a week to sort them through.

Put everything away

This is simple but often comes unstuck because you have nowhere to put anything! Find some space and get used to putting objects in their place. It will speed up tidying as well as retrieval when you need them.

Limit the housework

Don’t limit doing it, rather limit either when you do it or how long you do it for. Either spread out the chores across the week or create blocks of time (maybe a couple of hours max) dedicated to cleaning.

Get in the routine

Understand where patterns in your tasking emerge, and stick to them. It will be easier to create a routine where one already exists than to force a new regimen on your life.

Keep going!

Stick to the routines, be disciplined, and before long you’ll be doing tasks as a second nature!


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