A ‘Kettle’ That Only Heats Up What You Need

A ‘Kettle’ That Only Heats Up What You Need

OK – firstly this isn’t a kettle, but it’s so unique we didn’t know what to call it, although it does have a brand name – Miito. Essentially it is looking to replace the kettle as we know it, and save us plenty of water & energy.

There’s a science behind it so skip down the page if this isn’t your thing. If you’re still reading, it works by creating an electromagnetic field between a base unit (where you place your mug etc) and a steel rod that goes into the cold water.

When switched on, the electromagnetic field connects with the rod which results in heating the rod which then in turn heats the water.

It’s only in prototype stage for now and there’s no indication of how quickly it boils the water. However, it’s clearly a step in the right direction in terms of water and energy saving against the traditional kettle.


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