…and some more hidden iPhone features

…and some more hidden iPhone features

We’ve found some more hidden iPhone features that come in handy!


1. Can’t remember what time you sent that iMessage/text? Then simply drag the message bubble to the left and you’ll see the timestamps appear!

2. Do you find it annoying having to switch between the letter and numerical keyboards just to type the one number or symbol? Well there’s an easier way. Using the keyboard, hold the 123 button and drag your finger to the number or symbol that you want then release. The number or symbol will appear in your message and the keyboard reverts back to the letters.

3. If you like listening to music to help you nod off then use the timer function on your clock to switch it off at a set time. Go to ‘clock’, ‘timer’, set a time. ┬áThen select ‘when timer ends’ and replace your alarm sound with ‘stop playing’ (right at the very bottom of the list) and tap ‘start’.

4. Ever wondered what those 3 little dots in a speech bubble mean in your texts? Well it’s your iPhone showing you that someone is typing a reply.

5. Ever wondered how to remove those 3 little dots in speech bubbles in your texts? The easy option is to disable iMessage and just send your messages as SMS texts but then this could incurr a fee and would prevent you sending messages via Wi-Fi and on iOS devices which aren’t iPhones. But if you want to keep using iMessage then a jailbreak developer has created TypingPrivacy tweak which will remove the ‘now typing’ ellipsis. Available to download now from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

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