Android 5.0 Lollipop – The Best Bits

Android 5.0 Lollipop – The Best Bits

The latest version of the Android operating system brings some new and improved features, security and design to smartphones, tablets and wearable tech. The best bits:

Animated Design – The icons navigation bars and interfaces have a newer, cleaner, bolder and simpler look but are enhanced with animations which adds a bit of fun to the user experience.

Improved Security – like your laptop the operating system has a guest profile which restricts what people can see and access. In addition the Android Smart Lock function secures your phone or tablet by pairing it with another device such as your smartwatch or car, reducing the ability for it to be used without your permission.

Battery Life – you can now reduce the amount of energy that is being drained from your battery with the new Battery Saver, much like an energy saving mode on your laptop. By switching modes we’re told you can achieve another 90 minutes of life so it could be crucial when you find yourself in a dead phone situation.

Smarter Lock Screen – you’ll no longer have to unlock your screen to read texts, notifications, calls and more, so no more annoying unlocking just to realise you’ve received a sales SMS.

Get Back To Where You Were – videos, music, apps and searches pick up exactly from where you left them – across all your Android devices. So if your video is interrupted on your phone you can pick it up again on your tablet.


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