App Shows You What 200 Calories Look Like

App Shows You What 200 Calories Look Like

Did you know that for the 200 calories in half a blueberry muffin, there’s the same in more than a pint of blueberries. And that’s the sole point of Calorific, an iOS app by interaction designers Nic Mulvaney and Tim Diacon. It shows you what 200 calories looks like in 144 appropriately portioned food and drink photographs.

In essence, it’s a slide show. You swipe to find out a different 200 calories in another food, and another, and another. That’s 75% of a sprinkled donut. That is half a filet of battered and fried cod. That is two pieces of multigrain bread. And that’s a farm’s worth of celery. You immediately understand that 200 calories varies wildly from one particular food item for the next, but as you’ll already know, fruits and veggies offer you the most calories for your cash.

It is powerful to see all of the foods we eat filtered through a single metric. But if you are not counting calories, you might find this visualization could make you super-paranoid about what you consume. There’s plenty of room for expansion too, perhaps options to view meals via sugar, fibre, protein, vitamins, fats, etc.

If you want to give Calorific a try, the app is totally free for iOS download, but does require in-app purchases to unlock all of the photos.

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