Avoid catching a cold? Avoid these areas on a plane!

Avoid catching a cold? Avoid these areas on a plane!

Ahh, you finally made it through security and even managed to obtain a window seat on the plane. Hooray! Vacation better be ready for you. Nevertheless, there is nothing worse than becoming sick during your holidays due to catching something from your fellow passengers. Planes do tend to have plenty of germ hot spots, but you can protect yourself with some easy health tactics.

The graphic underneath from the Advisory Board advises you to use your own pocket hand sanitizer if you sit in one of the germiest areas of the plane or after going to the bathroom.

As for where to sit: Avoid the aisle seat, which gets touched by people when they walk by, and if you’re within a two-seat radius of someone coughing or sneezing, you can ask to get your seat changed or at least switch on the overhead ventilation. While there are germs everywhere on a plane, at least we don’t have to worry about recirculated air spreading illness.


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