Superb Savvy BBQ Tricks

Superb Savvy BBQ Tricks

Tasty fruits to grill on the BBQ.

If you want to receive the title of ‘Master in BBQ’ it means you should be able to use it to prepare more than just sausages and burgers. Get creative and throw some fruit on there, too. Thanks to the heat, the natural sugars will caramelise and enhance the flavour.

The trick is to use fruits with firm flesh that hold up well to the heat of the BBQ without getting mushy:

  • Mango
  • Bananas in peel
  • Grapefruit
  • Peaches
  • Pineapple

Many people prefer having fruit for a sweet dessert, but you can also use barbecued fruit for savoury dishes. For example, you could use your barbecued melon in a salad with feta and herbs or use grilled peaches to add a smoky sweetness to a lovely salsa.


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Potato will give you a non-sticky BBQ.

You have a passion for BBQ but hate it when foods get stuck to the grill? Well, we have the solution for you… Just rub a potato on the grill to create a non-sticky surface.

It’s best if you pre-heat the grill so it’s hot enough, then cut a raw potato in half and use a fork to rub the cut side of the potato over the grill. It seems that the starch from the potato forms a barrier between the food and the grill. Oh, and there is an extra bonus… In addition to your food not sticking to the surface, the grill will be easier to clean.


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Prepare a salty marinade for tender BBQ Meats.

There are lots of marinades you can use to improve the taste of barbecued meats, but if you want them to be tender rather than mushy, it’s best to go with a salty one instead of an acid marinade. So try to avoid the bottled salad -lemon- dressings.

When we talk about salty marinades, soy sauce is a great example.

Basically, if your goal is to get a very tender piece of meat, make sure your marinade’s main ingredient is salty. Next to soy sauce, it is great to use fish sauce, teriyaki, and oyster sauce because these are sauces and dressings with over 20 percent sodium content.


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How to prepare perfectly cooked BBQ vegetables … Every single time.

It is not always a piece of cake to grill your vegetables perfectly. The key for success is to prepare the vegetables in the right order. Start with the longest cooking time and finish with the shortest, so that all the vegetables finish at the same time.

As we all know, if you put the vegetables on the grill in the wrong order, it will lead to a stressful situation and, ultimately, less tasty food. We suggest starting with vegetables that take longer to cook — like corn, onions, and peppers — then later add things that cook faster, like courgettes or tomatoes. Of course, you can search online for individual vegetable cook times, but the end goal is the same: try to time it so your veggies all come off the grill at roughly the same time.

Here you find a short list of some grilling times:

 BBQ veg-H_4

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Is mayo the secret ingredient to perfect BBQ fish?

Barbecued fish …. who isn’t a fan? But it takes some effort to keep it from overcooking or sticking. If the fish sticks to your BBQ’s grill, it will fall apart and essentially be ruined. Did you know that a little coating of mayonnaise on the fish makes it easier?

There are quite a lot of tricks to keep fish from sticking—using a wood plank or put your fish on a bed of sliced lemons—but the mayonnaise itself sticks better to the fish than other fats and it also keeps the fish tender and juicy. If you don’t like mayo, there’s no need to worry. The mayonnaise flavour and texture isn’t noticeable after your done barbecuing. So if you like to barbeque fish, don’t forget to pick up some mayonnaise when you go to the supermarket.


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