Be Sure You Never Forget A Job Ever Again!

Be Sure You Never Forget A Job Ever Again!

You are an organised person. You add upcoming events for your calendar and you have a decent program in your e-mail to ensure you always respond to tasks. However, once you’ve worked your to-do list, there are particular tasks from other areas that haven’t yet made it to the list!

So here’s some practical advice to help keep those to-do lists manageable;

Be Prepared For Calendar Events

If your whole life is planned out in a calendar, it makes sense to trigger your to-do list from certain items in it. For instance, when a meeting comes up and you really need to prepare ahead of time. This requires some organizing, and you can use two techniques to achieve it.

First, you will need to set reminder notifications for your calendars. Most popular calendars will have an Edit Notification setting – set this to send an e-mail, a week in advance from the event (though you may favor some other time frame of course).

The second step should be to setup a filter in your email to catch all the events you’re focusing on. So, as an example you’d set a filter to catch emails from with the word “meeting” inside the topic. This can be the way to trigger a to-do list a week prior to your meeting.

What Other Triggers Can I Set From A Calendar?

Get inspired – there are plenty of other factors you could do with this system.

o               If you have a calendar for birthdays, set an activity that can remind you to purchase a present.

o               If you may have guests staying frequently, trigger a process to prepare tourist activities and other things for their arrival.

o               If you track your vaccination schedule for your youngsters, trigger a process to produce a contact for the appointment.

o               If you like to be prepared for parties you’re attending, trigger a process to have gifts and shared food prepared.

Consider the sorts of calendars you will be subscribed to and how they will enable you to build a list. For example, if you are subscribed to your calendar, which tells you anytime your favourite bands are playing locally, you might trigger tasks to buy tickets for gigs by your ultra-favourite bands. If you are subscribed to public holiday calendars or school vacation calendars, you can trigger tasks to prepare festivities or childcare. Should you subscribe to competitions calendars for, say, marathons, you can set a process to ensure you’re entered in good time.

A Killer Student Hack

Students can use this system to trigger a set of tasks ahead of time for upcoming exams or assignment submission dates. You may set a notification from the calendar to become sent a month ahead, then trigger that to set a series of tasks. For example, you can set a low priority job instantly to research the assignment, a greater priority job a couple of weeks later to prepare an outline, a different high priority process a little later to complete a draft, and the final higher priority process a little later to make sure the assignment is written and submitted.

Then to be extra diligent, you could trigger one more notification per week just before the due date to verify it is actually done and submitted. This way, you won’t miss something that gets added close for the due date.

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