Big energy companies keeping cost savings to themselves

Big energy companies keeping cost savings to themselves

A recent cap on investment levels on the big 6 by Ofgem means that on average each energy bill could go down by as much as £12 per year as the part of each bill that is taken towards investment will be less.

However, there is nothing to force the energy companies to pass this saving on and nothing to suggest they are going to make things an cheaper for any of us. By claiming cost increases in other areas the energy companies are suggesting that this saving will not make it’s way into the pockets of British public.

There are some ways though to save money on energy bills, especially if you live off the mains Gas network. Alternative energy production methods, especially those backed by green initiatives from government, mean that you can sometimes even receive a brand new boiler for free and pay nothing towards energy costs other than the maintenance (in the case of solar panels) or fuel  (in the case of biomass boilers)

Shop around and check out whether you could break the dependency on the big energy firms and start reducing those bills!


Credit: uSwitch

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