CES2015 Is Here! Read Our Preview

CES2015 Is Here! Read Our Preview

The annual tech fest that is Consumer Electronics Show 2015 starts today and so we’re taking a look at the most popular themes from this years show.



Last time out we saw bendable screens but this year the focus will be more on the 4K lineup from most manufacturers. Quantum Dots will be the buzzword here as LG go all in on ultra high definition screens. In a cross-over with gaming, Samsung is expected to show off its new TV’s that can serve PlayStation 3 games without a console thanks to a tie-up with Sony’s PS Now service.

Smart Tech

Samsung again should dominate this category with at least a teaser reveal of a new handset and an old name could appear in a new market with the Kodak brand making an appearance under license for a printing & sharing service.

On smart watches, there should be a load of activity following the announcement in 2014 of the Apple watch. Expect some Android entrants to this space this year, as well as some design innovations as insights reveal a split between function and style in the brand new category.

Wearable Tech

Technology that connects with other devices worn on the body have really become mainstream over the last couple of years and so there’s a real opportunity this year to look at the innovation in this category. There’ll be plenty of health & wellness devices to reveal, as well as styling options as manufacturers look to make wearable tech as low key as possible.

Drones & Robots

For the first time at CES there’ll be an unmanned systems zone where drones will have their own place to play. There’ll be camera drones as small as your hand and devices that will follow you wherever you go. Robots may struggle once more to really make an impact outside of the show, but they are always an entertaining part of the event and this year will be no exception. Just don’t expect to see robotsĀ on the high street any time soon!

Smart Homes

The Internet of Things has long been touted as the future and this year this is becoming more present than ever. From gardening equipment that operates itself based upon weather forecasts to cupboards that request shopping items when they run low, we’ll soon be seeing this tech in everyday homes.

3D Printers

Another sector that has blossomed over recent years, this year there’ll be nearly 30 companies in the 3D printing sector. The challenge now sits with convincing the general public that the tech can be useful in the home.

Connected Vehicles

CES has become a useful addition to the car manufacturer circuit as they make the most of the cross-over from traditional car shows. Along with self drive cars and self parking cars, we can also expect to see more functionality between entertainment systems as well as some smart tech that has taken its lead from the internet of things such as location based parking suggestions & fuel consumption advice.


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