Chewed, Chatty & Considered – Three ways to aid digestion

Chewed, Chatty & Considered – Three ways to aid digestion

There’s various theories on how much you should chew your food. There was a traditional belief that food should be chewed a certain number of times before swallowing, and mostly this has been considered more healthy, but is it really true.

Whilst there may not be any hard evidence supporting a specific number of chews, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that slowing things down when we eat can aid digestion and also hunger levels.

Extra chewing can improve the absorption of nutrients as well as making food smaller for when it reaches the stomach, lowering cases of indigestion significantly. But slowing it down doesn’t just need to be about chewing;

1)   Limit distractions so that food is the centre if your attention. This doesn’t mean scoff it down to get back to TOWIE as soon as possible. Watching TV whilst eating can increase the speed at which we eat considerably, so take yourself away and enjoy your eating time.

2)   That said, try not to eat alone if possible. Isolation generally means no talking (but not always!) Good conversation slows you down and helps the body catch up with what you’ve eaten, helping the hunger signals get to your brain that you’ve had enough.

3)   Make regular time to eat. Little and often is well known in dietary circles and it’s the same when it comes to slowing things down. Long gaps between meals can sometimes make scoffing the meal an indulgent necessity, but eating less, more frequently, will help manage the hunger signals and reduce the need to get it down you as soon as you can.

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