Christmas Food Tips: What to do With All That Food!!

Christmas Food Tips: What to do With All That Food!!


Not always the most popular part of the Christmas menu, but once you see what you can do with them after Christmas, you might well start buying them just for the leftovers!

Clementines in Syrup – heat clementine juice with water, sugar and star anise until the sugar has dissolved. Allow to bubble until  syrupy and pour over the clementine segments.

Citrus Salad – Layer some watercress, clementines & beetroot slices. Top with toasted and chopped pecans and feta, and dress with orange & olive oil.


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Mincemeat is generally left over before the festivities really begin once you’ve made your mince pies. But nonetheless, here’s some ideas for the excess you’ll undoubtedly have to hand…

Spiced Muffins – fold some mincemeat through muffin batter. Divide into cases and bake until risen and golden.

Eccles Cake – Seal some mincemeat into puff pastry squares and using your hands shape into rounded shapes. Then brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with castor sugar. Bake until golden.


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