Christmas Food Tips: What to do With All That Food!!

Christmas Food Tips: What to do With All That Food!!


The ham joint is always popular on the day, and even into Boxing Day and beyond, so is normally purchased with longevity in mind. That said, rarely does it all go first time around and so these two ideas will make sure it all gets consumed.

Dauphinoise – Finely slice some potatoes and add celeriac, fried onions and fresh thyme with diced and cooked ham. Pour over some milk and cream and bake until bubbling and golden.

Egg & Ham Mash – Fry some onion with grated potato and chopped, cooked ham. Crack in some eggs and cook through.



The love/hate relationship between Christmas and spouts is an age-old discussion, but regardless of the side of the fence you sit on, we still cook them in their thousands. Here’s what to do with them all!

Winter Slaw – shred some spouts and add red onion, grated apple, carrot & raisins. Toss with chilli, lemon juice, olive oil, sesame seeds and coriander.

Sprout Spaghetti – Fry some onion and sliced sprouts in some oil, toss though some cooked pasta (spaghetti isn’t mandatory) serve with Parmesan and lemon.



Mounds and mounds of them if you’re anything like my family….

Veggie Frittata – slice some potatoes and fry along with red peppers and onion. Add goat’s cheese and beaten egg, cook or grill

Potato Bread – Combine some finely mashed potatoes with plain flour to make the dough. Roll out and cut into squares. Fry in butter until golden on both sides.


Smoked Salmon:

One of those dishes where more people say they like it than actually like it. The result? Layers and layers of fishy goodness!

Scandi Salad – Place some boiled and chopped salad potatoes on a plate alongside the salmon with some sliced onions, capers and dill. Serve with lemon & mustard dressing.

Breakfast Muffins – top a toasted English muffin with freshly wilted spinach, smoked salmon & a poached egg.

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