Clean for Christmas: Some easy tips to get ready for the guests

Clean for Christmas: Some easy tips to get ready for the guests

Cleaning a whole house needs to be approached in a sensible, and manageable, manner. No matter how much you would like, or need, to get your house tidy, you’ll probably not have time to clean every nook and cranny. Follow these simple pointers to ensure that your house is perfectly presentable whilst keeping your stress levels down.

Start in the Kitchen

Sounds awful, but it’s probably the biggest clean of the house along with the lounge, so get it out of the way first. De-cluttering is a perfect way to make space and tidy, so get everything that has a approaching sell-by date that you aren’t going to eat, get it out of the way and into the freezer.

Wipe down your now less sparsely populated fridge with anti-bacterial spray and kitchen towel. It’s perfectly safe for food and will clean up really well without the need for hot water.

Now get on with the pots and pans. Give them a clean with good old hot water, washing up liquid and a pad, but for those more stubborn residues, soak them with Bicarbonate of Soda and then scrub again.

If you have a tiled surface or walls, get a toothbrush and apply some concentrated cleaning gel. Get those bristles into all the grouting gaps and before you know it you’ll have squeaky clean tiles.

If your dishwasher needs a spruce up consider running it on an empty cycle  with just a cup of vinegar and baking soda. Once finished, run another empty cycle with your normal brand of tablet.

Finally, make some space for yourself to relax. Make sure the beds are freshly changed so that when you get your head down at the end of the day you can drift off perfectly relaxed at another job well done!


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