Driving A Hire Car Abroad: Top Tips

Driving A Hire Car Abroad: Top Tips

You’ll have noticed that our Travel section has been about car hire these last few days and so to round this up we’ve got a couple of must-do checks and tips before setting off to save you time and money.


Check Your License – make sure this is valid, is in both parts (for now, this will change soon) and that you are qualified to drive the type of vehicle you are renting. Some locations require a International Driving Permit (rarely in the EU) and don’t forget your credit card for any deposit payments.


Legal Requirements – ensure you have all that you need in your car for the country or countries that you plan to visit. Certain countries have strict rules as to what must be in your vehicle such as reflective jackets, triangles and even breathalysers.


Know The Laws – speed limits might be obvious and you can often just follow the signs. Other laws such as drink driving though are less obvious so check these before you travel.


Shop Around For Fuel – the UK is one of the most expensive places in the World to purchase fuel and as such we’re used to shopping around to find the best price. Do the same abroad, and pay attention to supermarket prices as these are often lower than the larger oil companies.


Know Your Signs – do a little homework on the signs before you travel. Some will be straight-forward but better to know what the Buffalo-wearing-a-dress sign means…


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