Energy Saving Tips For The Kitchen

Energy Saving Tips For The Kitchen

There’s plenty of advice available for general energy saving, but what about specific rooms? Today we focus on the kitchen to see what small changes we can make that could make a big difference.


Microwave Leftovers

If you’ve got leftovers in the fridge then you’ve already spent some energy making them in the first place, so always consider reheating these before cooking from scratch. Additionally, when you do reheat, turn to the microwave rather than the hob as these use mush less energy than the oven. Lastly, if possible arrange the food in a doughnut shape as it will heat up more quickly and more evenly than if it’s just piled up. Reduce the normal reheat time and check the food more often to ensure that you’re not reheating food that has already warmed up



The Leftovers Challenge

If you’ve got kids or just a fun side, set you and your household a challenge to create the most meals you can from the leftovers in the fridge. For those with families this is a great way to teach food efficiency and meal planning.



Ditch The Fruit Bowl

Fruit looks lovely on display but keeping it in a fruit bowl typically means that the fruit ripens and starts to go off much quicker than if it’s stored in the fridge or even just the original packaging. Some supermarkets have even started to supply fruit in packaging designed to increase the life of the fruit, so the poor old fruit bowl could be on its way out.



Always Use The Dishwasher

It might make sense to think that a dishwasher will always use more energy than a person washing up, and for small quantities this is correct. For large quantities though where you either need to refresh the dirty water or add some more hot water to the bowl, it’s nearly always the case that the dishwasher would have done it using less hot water.



Keep It Small

Chopping food into smaller pieces than normal will reduce the amount of heat needed to cook through. Therefore think about whether you really need those huge lumps of chicken in your fajitas!


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