Energy Saving Tips? Not These Ones!

Energy Saving Tips? Not These Ones!

There’s plenty of advice out there about saving energy. But we wouldn’t be the savvy bunch that we are without double checking some of those tips and letting you know which ones really don’t save you that much energy at all.

Electricity at night is cheaper – only if you’re on a specific meterĀ such as Economy 7 or Economy 10. If you aren’t, it’s the same price whatever time of day.

Keeping your heating on all the time at a low setting – the theory goes that low constant heating is better than high bursts of heating. Not so we’re afraid. Think of it this way – do you use more petrol driving to the local shops two or three times at high revs or driving there and back constantly all day at low revs?

HeatingĀ one room rather than the whole house – not so much. Like the constant heating example above, keeping the heating running all day just in one room (or worse a seperate gas fire) is just burning gas constantly for hours on end. For this and the above falsehood, getting a good thermostat/boiler/insulation combination is the key.

Turning the boiler down – it’s true this can save you money if you don’t have a thermostat as the lower heat level created by the boiler burns less gas. But if you have a thermostat then you are back at square one (or at least point 2) as keeping the boiler up high but controlled by a thermostat means shorter sprints to maintain the temperature.

Put your screensaver on your computer – nope. You hear that computer is still running sound? It’s because your computer is still running. One solution is to hibernate but really, just turn it off!


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