Five Foods To Make You Happy

Five Foods To Make You Happy

We all know that food and emotion are closely linked, and that food and family go hand in hand. We also know that there are plenty of good things in naturally produced foods as well as plenty of chemicals in bad foods. There are some foods though that will give you a nice boost and will leave your body and mind feeling satisfied.


Great for Vitamin C to boost your immune system and reducing stress. Take florets as a snack along with cucumber & carrot sticks, or before your main meal.


Rich in Iron so essential for your energy levels. They are also a cost effective way of bulking out meals and thickening stews. Try cooking them up with carrots, onions, spices & water and pureeing down for soup.


Butternut Squash is a genuine superfood containing magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, potassium, calcium, phosphorus & zinc, as well as being good for energy, growth and immune system boost. You can even roast the seeds as a great snack!

Sesame Seeds

Another Zinc provider they help produce collagen which in turn gives skin more elasticity, and a great energy boosting snack.


Often overlooked, but the amount of Vitamin C within gives a boost to your immune system as well as containing inositol, helping the body regulate levels of serotonin & insulin – great for lifting your mood when you feel down.



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