Five Ways To Increase Energy Efficiency At Home

Five Ways To Increase Energy Efficiency At Home

Here are some more smart ideas to keep your home warm during winter.


Heavy Duty Curtains

Light curtains are particularly bad at keeping warmth in and cold air out during winter, so consider a heavier set for all year round protection. For the more adventurous of you, you could even have a winter and summer set of curtains. You can also double up the protection by having a blind behind the curtains.

Heat Reflection

A simple piece of tin foil behind the radiator will reflect much of the heat from the back of the radiator into the room. Positioning a shelf above the radiator will also help. Try not to block your radiators in any way as this will just prevent the heat from entering the room.

Draught Excluder

Once an object that you wouldn’t be seen dead with, these days there are plenty of stylish options to provide a simple way to prevent draughts around the home.

Block External Gaps

Something as simple as a key hole cover can stop a draught and save some money. Consider also covering your letterbox as well or fitting a brush interior.


When you are cooking you pump a lot of heat into the kitchen from the stove and the oven, so don’t be tempted to open the windows unless you are burning something. Also if you can, leave the oven open after cooking as this will keep letting heat out into the room, heat that you’ve already paid for.


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