Hangover cures

Hangover cures

With ‘the season to be jolly’ fast approaching, some of these hangover remedies may come in useful!

As far as we know, there are no over the counter cures for hangovers (yet) but below are a few options that may help reduce that hangover from hell to something a bit more bearable.

When you have a hangover, you will most likely be dehydrated (which will make you fell worse), but the main cause of all those headaches, nausea and vomiting will be inflammation.

So before you go partying this festive season, here are some facts you should know first!


The worst offenders

The biggest hangover inducing drink is champagne, and no it’s not the bubbles! A lot of hangover ailments are due to acetaldehyde, which is what alcohol gets turned into. With champagne, acetaldehyde is already present in the drink so you’re getting the hangover inducing element from the first sip!


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The next worse culprits are dark liquors like whiskey and bourbon because they contain impurities.

Clear spirits are probably the best bet to drink, like vodka and gin, as they don’t contain caffeine and are often distilled 4-5 times, so removing most of the impurities. And gin is basically vodka with juniper berry extract – so at least you’ll be receiving some anitoxidants from the word go!


  1. Prevention is better than cure

As mentioned before, a lot of hangover symptoms are contributed to because of your body’s inflammation, so any of those headache pills normally used in the morning after a night out, would possibly work best when used the night before.



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  1. Fry up

Your body will crave the things that it needs the most, so after a night out a big greasy fry up may be the best (if unhealthy) thing for you.

Our favourites include bacon, which has a good source of Vitamin B, which acts as a catalyst to help break down alcohol; and eggs & cheese is also a great source of protein and fat.



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  1. Healthy option

But if you are vegan, or very health conscious, then a big fry up may not be for you! Some healthy options could include:

  • Dark green vegetables: like spinach, kale or broccoli
  • Fruits high in resveratrol: Resveratrol is an antioxidant which helps beat hangovers. Fruits containing this antioxidant includes pomegranates, acai berries and currants.
  • Egg whites: not quite the same as a regular egg sandwich, but the next best alternative.




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  1. Coca-cola

The age old myth of drinking a Coke when you have a hangover may well help, as the drink is full of anitoxidants and caffeine.




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  1. Fruit smoothie

For the more health conscious of those amongst us, a smoothie is a great way to intake a whole load of nutrients. Dr Burke, from Hangover Heaven, Las Vagas, recommends blending almond milk, pomegranate, acai berries, spinach and a vitamin powder, as this will give you a boost of nutrients and antioxidants.


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But last of all have a fantastic festive period which ever way you celebrate!


So how do you deal with your hangover? Any miracle cures to add?


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