Have Yourself A Savvy Little Christmas

Have Yourself A Savvy Little Christmas

Our Top Christmas Hacks & Tips


Part 3 of our series of hacks & tips for the perfect Christmas… (part 1 / part 2)


7. Do you often find that once you’ve put wrapping up paper back in the cupboard after one use, that it’s somehow been attacked and ravaged to an inch of it’s useful life? Next time, cut a finished toilet roll tube along one side and slide the wrapping paper tube inside, it will hold everything tightly rolled until next time!


8. Last minute Christmas cake making? Then finish your masterpiece off with this quick decoration tip: Place a doily on top of the cake and gently roll into the icing. Remove the doily, sprinkle coloured icing sugar over the imprint and wipe off any icing from the top. The icing sugar resting in the imprint will show a wonderful snowflake!


9. Have a real Christmas tree but worried it will die before the fun really starts? The average 6ft tree needs nearly a pint of water a day to stay healthy, so water it regularly. Also, if needles are a problem, try adding a shot of vodka to the water – this will kill off the bacteria that causes needle drop (seriously…!)


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