Have Yourself A Savvy Little Christmas

Have Yourself A Savvy Little Christmas

Part 4 of our series of hacks & tips for the perfect Christmas… (part1part 2part 3)


10. Whilst simmering your spuds, sprouts or parsnips, place a cold wooden spoon across the top of the pan and if the water rises to the top, the contact with the cold spoon will cause the foam to recede and prevent any boiling over!


11. If you didn’t already know, pouring fat from your roasts down the sink is a big DON’T as it can block the drains. However, cleaning cold fat out of whatever glass or wedding gift that was to hand is also a bad move. So, consider creating a foil cone or box to pour the hot fat into. Once it is dry, fold over the edges and throw into the bin!


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