Have Yourself a Savvy Little Christmas

Have Yourself a Savvy Little Christmas

Our Top Christmas Hacks & Tips

1. Reuse old light-bulbs as baubles by spray painting them, covering in glitter, fake snow, gems or anything you can think of. Perhaps not all at once though…Glue some string to the top to hang on the tree!

2. Before you fill up your fridge with far too much booze and food for the average small town, give the shelves a quick wipe down and consider placing some inexpensive vinyl matting (placemats, children’s bibs etc.) onto the shelves. This way, if something needs cleaning you can just wipe the vinyl and when New Year rears its head, you can just whip out it out leaving a clean fridge behind!

3. When it comes to baking for the festivities you might find that your brown sugar is clumped together, put it into a bowl and cover with kitchen towel, pop into the microwave on medium power for 20-30 seconds and the clumps will just fall away with the tap of a fork!




image: www.boredpanda.com

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