Hidden handy iPhone features you should know about

Hidden handy iPhone features you should know about

Do you know about these tricks that your iPhone is hiding from you?


1. Switch Control

This feature, launched with iOS7, was originally introduced to allow people with motor difficulties to control their iPhone (or iPad & iPod) by creating a single or multiple switches. Switch Control is found in Settings – General – Accessibility – Switch Control. Have a go and set up your iPhone and see what you can do with a nod of your head!

2. A simple shake to undo typos

A convenient and simple way to undo those oh so frequent typos on a small screen is to give your iPhone a simple shake and the screen will come up with a menu of options to either undo the typing or cancel action. But be aware – if you choose ‘undo’ it will undo ALL of the typing.

3. Location-based reminder

This is a really handy and probably least well known feature on the iPhone. If setting a specific time reminder isn’t the best option and you need reminding of an action when you are at a particular location then try the Location-based reminder.

On opening up the Reminders app, enter a new reminder, then tap the circled information icon. Enable the Remind me at location and tap location underneath – add an address or use Current Location. After setting the location you have the option of being reminded when you arrive or leave the address. Then when you are next in that location you will be reminded of what you need to do!

4. The burst mode

The advantage of this feature is that you can take a series of photos then choose which is the best one to keep. Available with iOS7 once in the camera app, just hold down the picture button and you phone will take a continuous ‘burst’ of photos.

5. Taking photo’s with volume buttons

If you are wearing gloves or are holding your iPhone at an odd angle, once in the camera app you can take photos by pressing the volume buttons on the side. The volume controls on your headphones will also work.

6. Faster charging time

In a hurry for your iPhone to charge? Then switch it to airplane mode and your phone will charge faster as it’s not trying to find wi-fi or Bluetooth connections.

7. Block those annoying cold calls

If you are inundated with annoying cold calls or that persistent ex – then block them by adding their number to the Blocked List via Settings menu. And if you decide to make up with your ex – simply remove them from the list.


Know of any other ‘hidden’ handy features that your iPhone is hiding? Then let us know!

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