Hiring A Car? Take A Look At These Main Policies

Hiring A Car? Take A Look At These Main Policies

Hiring a car either at home or abroad can come with a few hidden dangers both financially and in terms of safety. Here’s some things to look out for next time you hire.

Fuel Policy – check the fuel policy with your rental company as they can be literally opposites depending on who you rent with. Some will require that the car returns full up, some empty. Depending on your length of hire these agreements can be quite beneficial but either way, the rental company will likely charge you a petrol rate that might be lower than the petrol stations local to the airport, but far more expensive than the average price a short distance down the road. Make sure you know what the company is expecting when you drop the car off and try and make use of a refill a few miles away from the airport.

Car Hire Excess Insurance – we’ve spoken before about purchasing excess insurance. At the desk you’ll likely be charged anything upto £20 a day whereas a third party policy might only cost you a few quid per day.

Car Seats & Sat Navs – if possible bring any child seats with you to prevent additional charges, although if you are flying this often isn’t an option. Consider though packing your SatNav as most of these will work in Europe anyway and the charges for these are at a premium.

Extra Drivers – Adding a driver to the agreement, especially if they are under 25, can be costly. Find out what the additional charge might be before you travel and factor this into your budget.


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