How To Break In Your Shoes

How To Break In Your Shoes

A new pair of shoes can initially be a pleasant experience but can quickly become a painful one whilst you break them in. Tight fits & blisters can be common and so here are some ways you can break in your next pair of shoes.

Use Heat

If you need to stretch a section of a new pair of shoes then put on a thick pair of socks and squeeze in your foot. Then get a hairdryer and apply some heat for about 30 seconds whilst you wiggle your feet. Leave to cool and try the shoes on wearing normal socks or tights. If the tight area persists, repeat the process but eventually you’ll get the stretch you need! Not recommended for vintage shoes.

Use Ice

Weirdly you can pretty much do the same thing with ice. Fill a watertight bag to about 2/3 full with water. Push the bag into your shoes and place in the freezer overnight. The water will freeze and expand. In the morning, remove the shoes and leave to thaw. They will have stretched but you can repeat until you have the desired effect. Not recommended for expensive shoes.

Use a Pro

If cost is less of an issue and the shoes are worth it, hire a professional cobbler to stretch them out. Some department stores can offer this service if you don’t have a local cobbler.

Use Them Indoors

Consider wearing the shoes ‘unofficially’ around the house until they have developed some flexibility. This is particularly useful for any new shoes that will see some mileage early on as the blister creating toughness can be eased before it really matters.

Use a Tool

There are of course specific tools that are designed to stretch shoes without damaging them, heating them, freezing them, paying someone else or getting odd looks from the family, but why would you want to do that!?


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