How To: Deal With Unwanted Christmas Presents

How To: Deal With Unwanted Christmas Presents

OK, so it’s been a few days now since your long lost Aunt sent you that underwear, and your younger sibling thought it would be funny to buy you the latest Cliff Richard calendar. Here are some nifty ideas as to how to get rid of those unwanted gifts…


Sell It

According to the auctioning site ebay, by the end of Christmas Day 2013 there were over 300,000 listings with ‘Unwanted Christmas Present’ in the description. If you list with a 7-day sale then you should get your money just in time for the January sales…! Keep the prices low (remember you don’t want this gift!) and you’ll also minimise the commission you pay to the site.

Donate It

For the philanthropic amongst you, consider bagging the whole lot up and taking it to a charity shop. These shops often run low on stock before Christmas just like any other retailer, but without the same supply chain, they are gagging for new items come the New Year. Remember though that if you really didn’t want the gift, then it’s likely that nobody else will either…

Swap It

A more recent internet phenomena is swapping sites. This can be a slow process to find a swap but depending on what you want to get rid of, the difference in perceived value between you and buyer can land you some pretty good trades! Everything from books, clothes, CD’s, DVD, Games & toys are currently catered for at various sites, so do some Googling and get swapping!

Recycle It

If you can afford the space, hide it away until you can find someone else to give the gift to, they’ll never know (think office secret Santa next year – all sorted!) Or literally recycle it…



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