How to make your life easier, safer & securer

How to make your life easier, safer & securer

Life is busy so when products come along which make your life easier we just have to share them!

Bristan, the UK’s number 1 shower and tap manufacturer, have come up with a simple solution to fitting new taps with their Easyfit technology.



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Their unique Easyfit system can be fitted as easy as 1,2,3 and come in ranges for both the bathroom and kitchen. You could even swap taps depending on your mood – it’s that easy! They also do Fast fit kits for installing bar showers. They definitely do like to ‘make your life easier’!

Visit for more information.


For added peace of mind, protect your home with a Nest Protect – a clever smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that connects to your smart phone, enabling you to silence the alarm if you’ve just burnt the toast! Nest Protect will send you alerts when the batteries are running low or if during one of it’s 400 daily checks, it finds a problem. It has a split-spectrum sensor which checks for both slow and fast burning fires, and it has a 10 year CO sensor.



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And if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected then it ‘speaks up’ to tell you where it is and what to do! Fit multiple alarms and they will all speak to each other via wifi. Find out more at the Nest Store.


Another range of products that will make your life more stress free, whilst making your home more secure, is the Yale Smart Living range – which is a range that uses the latest technology on your smart phone to let you live your life the way you want. Like the Yale’s Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarmwhich will literally give you a ring when triggered.


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You can programme in up to 3 numbers (eg. Mobile, work, parents) so if the alarm is set off it will call you (in a specific order), you can then deactivate the alarm using your touch-tone telephone, and reactivate it again. Visit Yale to find out more.

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Have you found any new technology products that have made your life easier? Then let us know in the comments below.

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