How to sell your car quick for cash

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We’ve all heard the radio ads, TV stings and online hype – but when it really comes to selling your car online, how scary is it.

Selling a car is never easy, or any fun. If you’re selling your car privately you’ll have to deal with time-wasters and some people won’t even turn up! So, what are the alternatives?

Since the introduction of services such as, selling your car online is fast becoming the norm, but it’s still got it’s problems. Not least the amount of money you stand to make from any given sale – you’re much more likely to make more money selling your car privately.

The online option falls into two different camps:

1. Companies that offer an instant quote to buy your car. These give you a valuation over the internet without even viewing the car and then you have the option to drop your vehicle off at specific points throughout the UK.

2. Companies that fall into the traditional car dealers. With these you will find that you’ll enter into a lengthy negotiation over the phone before you get anywhere. Then they will visit you directly and purchase the car in person with a view to selling it on very quickly to the trade.

To find out which services work best we conducted some test of our own. We found that the best online sales service was a little known company called We Buy Cars We found their service to be much easier to use than other suppliers as you only have to enter your reg number and complete some very simple steps and you quickly get a quote.

We found this to be the quickest online process, by far! Put simply here is the process:

1. Enter your registration plate: To get an accurate valuation of your vehicle with, simply enter your vehicle’s registration number into the box provided on the homepage of their website. You can also submit more details about you vehicle manually on their contact page. This should give you a more detailed valuation.

2. Their Offer and payment: Once you’ve submitted all of the vehicles details they give you a quote. will get back to you with an accurate valuation using the very latest data technology. It is then up to you, whether you accept this before you proceed any further with the sale.

3. As soon as everything has been agreed, organise to collect your car and send payment the same day. Whether your car is in un-driveable condition or almost brand new, they make sure they offer you a fair and accurate valuation.

As soon as they’ve collected your car, everything is complete. It’s as simple as that.

If you do decide to accept their offer, they transfer over the funds to you and arrange to collect your vehicle at a time that suits you – this can even be the same day if required. This then saves you a lot of hassle in trying to sell the vehicle privately or through other firms.

Your car can be in any condition whatsoever and they will still offer you the best deal around! In only a few minutes, you can submit the form, get a quote and accept the offer. So how long does it take to get paid? Once accepted, they can normally transfer funds and collect your car the same day.

Mike Hind from CAP says: “Services like this have brought massive convenience to people who want to sell a car quickly. I think some car owners will be happy that they’re not being offered top dollar in exchange for the ease of sale and not having their time wasted.” (source the Telegraph online)


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