How To Set Up Family Sharing In iTunes

How To Set Up Family Sharing In iTunes

Family sharing is a new feature of iOS 8 and Mac OS X 10.10 that allows you to share your iTunes Store purchases with up to six other people. They can use your account to authorise purchases as well as share their content back. Here’s how to get started;

Invite Your Friends And Family – On most devices you need to go to Settings > iCloud > Family Sharing  and then send invites to those you want to include. Every member must have an iCloud account to take part.

Choose What You Want To Share – By default everything that you’ve ever purchased on iTunes will be available to every member of your invites list, so unless you are happy with this, it’s a good idea to setup what is shared by accessing the settings in your iTunes account page. Particularly good f you are sharing with younger family members…

Payment Options – You can set up Family Sharing so that is automatically sends you an authorisation request when someone tries to purchase anything.

Get Sharing! – once the invites are accepted, every member of the group will be able to share all their purchases with each other, so no more buying the same stuff ever again!


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