How to……sleep on a plane

How to……sleep on a plane

If you are lucky enough to have no screaming kids or annoying neighbours to keep you awake, here are a few tips on how to achieve some sleep on a plane!


Where to sit?

Try and sit in a window seat so that you won’t be disturbed when someone wants the loo or in a fire exit row so you have more leg room.


Neck pillow

Use a neck pillow but put it on backwards so it supports your chin to stop those ‘nodding dog’ moments and jolting wakes. Wear comfortable clothes as when flying tight clothing can dig into you and feet can swell.


Keep your seat belt on

By keeping your seat belt on and visible eg over the top of your blanket, then the crew members won’t have to wake you up to check or ask you to put it on.


Do not disturb

Advise the crew members you want to sleep so they won’t disturb you.


Set an alarm

Set your phone alarm for 45 minutes before landing time so you have chance to wake up slowly, have a drink and go to the loo before the seat belt sign comes on!


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