iOS 8 features you may be better off without

iOS 8 features you may be better off without

Apple’s launch of iOS 8 has introduced a whole range of beneficial features, and raised few problems including increased battery drain. So some which you may be better off without!


Predictive keyboard

The new predictive keyboard, QuickType, that learns from what you type maybe great for writing a long text, but when it starts suggesting your frequently used passwords you may have a problem!

To turn this off, simply to go Settings > General > Keyboard and set “Predictive” to OFF. From this menu you can also switch off any other keyboard features such as auto-capitalization, autocorrect and spell check.



Sharing photo’s or files with another iPhone user is easy with Airdrop, but it can drain your battery so best to turn if off when not using it.

To turn it off, swipe up the screen to display your Control Center and tap Airdrop to disable feature.


Automatic app updates & refreshes

If your phone’s default is set to automatically update & refresh your app’s, then you may want to consider switching this off to conserve your phones battery life. The apps can then be updated/refreshed manually when it’s convenient for you.

To turn this automatic update off go to Settings > iTunes & App Store, scroll down to Automatic downloads and slide Updates to OFF

To turn the automatic refresh off go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Here you can opt to turn off all automatic refreshes or just enable your most important ones.


Voice messages

A new feature of iOS 8 is the ability to send voice messages via iMessage. The messages received will be erased once listened to so that you don’t waste precious storage space but if you’d rather keep them, then it’s a simple matter of changing settings.

Settings > Messages, scroll down to Audio Messages and tap Expire menu then change the  expiration time from 2 Minutes to Never.



Parallax has actually been around since iOS7 and is the feature that makes your home screen look 3D when moved side to side. This feature of course, uses more Battery power and has made some people feel a bit sick!

To switch off, go to Settings > General  > Accessibility. Scroll down to Reduce Motion and switch it to On.


Location Services

If you just downloaded new apps onto your iPhone then you’ve probably been surprised by the amount asking you for access to your location. This will not only drain your battery but will give companies access to personal data, which you may prefer that they didn’t’ have!

To switch off the location services on apps that don’t really need to know where you are, then go to Setting > Privacy > Location Services and toggle them to Off.



Handoff is a new feature of iOS 8, that will let you start a task on one iOS 8 device, then finish it off on another eg iPad, iPhone and Mac. If the iPhone is the only Apple device you own then it’s not a feature that you need.

So to switch it off go to Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps. Toggle the switch to off to disable the feature.


Spotlight Search

With Spotlight you can search for content on your Apple device by searching certain text fields – but this may not be the type of content you are looking for! To limit the content search you can change the settings so that content like voice memos or audiobooks aren’t searched and included within the results.

To do this go to Settings > Spotlight Search and remove the check mark against the type of content you don’t want included.


Push notifications

Push notifications can be tailored to each app, so if you’re getting too many messages from games that keep asking you to come back, these can be controlled via your settings.

Go to Settings > Notifications and select how you want to be notified by banners, alerts or none at all.


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