Is it a 6? Is it a 7? Is it neither!?

Is it a 6? Is it a 7? Is it neither!?

Whatever it ends up being called, the updated version of the iPhone 6 should be out in under a year. It seems odd to be talking about an upgrade only a few months after the original launch, but Apple have been pretty consistent over the last few years in launching a new generation model, followed by an upgrade a year later.


Since the 3GS version, the upgrade has carried the S addition and this time around it will likely be exactly the same. The only difference this time around is that the 6 was already launched with a 6 Plus version at the start, so an upgrade would need to be carried on both versions. 6S and 6S Plus seems the most likely here. A 7 could be in the offering but this would break with the recent consistency in generational upgrades, all the way back to the 3.


Likewise with generational upgrades versus S upgrades, the look of the phone will probably remain the same. What could change is what the phone is made of – sapphire screens have already been used on Touch ID home button and camera lense, as well as plans to use it on the Apple Watch.


The final consideration could be the resolution of the screen. The current screen is good, but it’s not full HD let alone 2K, so this is definitely somewhere the developments could go.

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