Is Small Energy The Future?

Is Small Energy The Future?

According to recent media reports, vast numbers of UK households are abandoning the big 6 energy firms in favour of smaller suppliers, citing not only bill increases and tariffs, but also customer service, refunds and technical assistance.

Although 95% of the county is still with the larger suppliers, recent growth in smaller energy firms has seen some double in size in 2014 alone. Overall smaller suppliers tariffs average out at around £1,000 per year, with the cheapest big energy tariff coming in at £50 more.

But it isn’t all good news for smaller suppliers – around two thirds of UK households have never switched energy suppliers meaning that there’s still a lot of work to do from smaller suppliers to encourage switching to take place more often. Cheaper rates will help, but more generally exposure is low and marketing communications from the smaller suppliers need to step up to take a larger share of the market.

Whether you should switch? We think so as there’s no reason for the big 6 to be so dominant, so make the change. In addition, if you are off grid, you can also save money by researching alternative boilers to heat your home, such as wood pellet fired boilers or even solar panels, as both these qualify for the government green initiative.


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