Is This The Shower That Will Shake Up The Industry?

Is This The Shower That Will Shake Up The Industry?

The shower is probably one of the most used appliances in any home, although not perhaps a university halls of residence. We may not spend all that long in shower when compared with, say, on the sofa, but if you took it out of your daily routine, you’d soon notice (as would your fellow co-workers…)

But whereas the technology in our TV’s, our fridges, our dishwasher and our homes in general has moved on apace, the modest shower hasn’t really developed all that much in the last 30 years, until quite recently.

There are three main types of shower – mixer, electric & digital. The mixer shower is the standard shower that’s been around for 100 years, and although there have been advancements in terms of water efficiency and more accurate temperature control, the basic working of a mixer shower hasn’t changed.



Bristan Artisan Bar Mixer

With the arrival of electrical showers the category did change, but this was more to do with water pressure and, again, better temperature control. The fundamentals of shower operation still didn’t change – you turned it on, you whisked your hand away from the blast of cold water and waited (some more than others) for the water to get warm.


This has all changed in recent years with the introduction of the digital shower. These are electric showers with a remote control function that typically can be positioned up to 10 meters away from the shower. This means two big changes for the bathroom.

The first is design considerations as the minimalist appearance of the showers allow for more streamlined bathroom and enclosure designs, and less interference with tiles.

The second change is how the shower is operated as the remote controller allows the shower to be turned on without actually being in the enclosure or under the cold water as the shower starts.

So this all sounds great right? We all know that nothing comes for free, and digital showers are some of the most expensive on the market. This means that they out of reach of most consumers, and we’re left with the old school mixer shower and a cold arm.

The gap in the market where mixers and digital showers meet has been evident ever since digital showers came onto the market. Luckily for the savvy punter, there’s a brand new product on the market that aims to do just this. It’s from shower manufacturer Bristan, who have been making showers of all types for over 30 years.




They aren’t the best known shower brand in the UK, but you might well have a set of Bristan taps in your home as they are the largest manufacturer of those products in the country. They also sell most of their products via plumbers, meaning that if you want a Bristan and you don’t plan to install it yourself, you’ll need to tell your plumber that you want one. Some of their shower models are available in stores such as B&Q and Homebase, but unless you plan to install the shower yourself it will be more cost effective to go through your local plumber as they will buy the product ‘trade’ meaning that it will be cheaper overall.

The new product is called the Artisan Evo, deliberately so as it is the next stage for their long standing mixer valve model, the Artisan. It is both a mixer shower in that it mixes the hot and cold water together using a valve, and so is cheaper than a digital shower – BUT – it’s controlled via a remote control meaning that you get all the benefits of a digital electric without paying the price.

Artisan Evo Black_1500

You’ll be able to get more information on the Artisan Evo from the Bristan website by clicking here

Additionally, next time you are looking for a new shower with great design features, great performance, brilliant user experience (no more cold wet arms) and all at a lower price than other digital showers, ask your local plumber for a Bristan Artisan Evo.

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  1. Digital showers are renowned for being expensive – but this article has prompted me to look at Bristan’s Artisan Evo as at about £300 it looks great value and stylish too!

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