Keep Your Home Childproof This Christmas

Keep Your Home Childproof This Christmas

There are plenty of hazards about the home at the best of times, but at Christmas time with more people and unusual objects about the home, it can be a stressful couple of weeks constantly monitoring each and every room. Here are 10 ways you can make your home safer at Christmas.


Get Some New Lights – a third of all Christmas Tree accidents involve the lights so if yours are more than a few years old it could be time to change them, especially if they are kept in the attic the rest of the year where they can experience extreme changes in temperature during both winter & summer.


Have A Solid Base For Your Tree

It’s an obvious one but toddlers love to tug on a tree and play with the baubles. Look but don’t touch has only limited effects so ensure that your tree has a wide, sturdy base that can take some movement. Alternatively consider a smaller tree and place this on a box so it’s raised above any tiny but curious hands.


Don’t Play With Decorations

Some decorations look very much like toys but don’t be fooled into thinking that they are robust enough to be treated like them. The manufacturer & retailer won’t have had to comply with the same regulations concerning small parts and as such, these can be dangerous in the hands of small children. Keep them out of reach and avoid letting the kids have the temptation to play with them.


Get Tooled Up

Many toys require a screw to be undone somewhere along the line and often we reach for the nearest thing to hand, which often isn’t a screwdriver. If this is a knife, you can slip and injure, or even leave around for a child to pick up. Get prepared.


Pick Up The Batteries 

The main present has been opened, you’re ready with the batteries and the turkey is nearly done. Popping the batteries down to stop the bird getting singed they are picked up and eaten by a passing child. Keep the batteries up high, or get prepared in advance.


Switch Off Lights And Snuff Out Candles

Remember to turn off any fairy lights before you go to bed or leave the house. Most of the increase in house fires around Christmas can be attributed to faulty or overheated lights. A more obvious point is that you should never leave candles to burn to the bottom as they can become unstable and topple over.


Leave The Smoke Alarm Alone

You’d never normally remove the batteries from your smoke alarm but there are two reasons at Christmas that you might – firstly you need some batteries sharpish to put into your Children’s toy to avoid the tantrum. Secondly everything is burning and you can’t take the noise anymore. Always leave the smoke alarm alone.


Keep The Kids Out Of The Kitchen

There’s plenty of dangers here at the best of times, but at Christmas there’s more food, more people and more things to go wrong. Factor into that a heavy Turkey and it’s a recipe for disaster. Keep as many people as possible out as you can, not just the kids.


Shatter-proof Baubles

Consider buying these as a refresh to your Christmas decoration set. There’ll be really old baubles that you’ve always hung, and these can still be included higher up if necessary, but keep the lower reaches as safe as possible.


Tidy Up!

We’ve all seen the hilarious home videos shot on Christmas Day where an unsuspecting child or elderly relative comes a cropper by falling over a chopper. Keep the place clean, tidy up the wrapping paper, and avoid any trip hazards.



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