Kindle Unlimited launch

Kindle Unlimited launch

What is Kindle Unlimited? – well it’s a bit like Netflix but for books and Amazon, who launched it in the USA in July, has finally launched it in the UK.

Kindle Unlimited is an all-you-can-read ebook and audiobook subscription service for £7.99 a month which is available on any Kindle compatible device ie any Kindle ereader or device that you can download the Kindle app. The monthly subscription will give you unlimited access to a library of over 650,000 ebooks and 1000’s of audiobooks.



On Kindle Unlimited UK home page there are some popular titles on offer including The Hunger Games trilogy and Harry Potter series. If you are expecting the latest releases and best sellers, you may have to wait though.

If you’re not sure of the commitment but would like to give it a go, Amazon are offering a free 30-day trial. Just remember to cancel the subscription before the 30 days are up else you will be charged.


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