Loom band crazy!

Loom band crazy!

The Duchess of Cambridge, David Beckham and 1D’s Harry Styles to name but a few have all been seen sporting loom band bracelets. So what is it that makes these little colourful elastic bands so captivating to young and old alike?

More than 3 million looms have been sold worldwide since they first appeared in toy stores in 2011, and with kits costing approx £15 and loom band packets available for under £1, it’s a cheap and easy way to keep the kids occupied – and parents who have to keep picking the bands up off the floor and down the back of the sofa! The craze has seen the looms or loom-related items dominating Amazon UK’s top 50 best-selling toys.

In this modern digital age it is great to see kids of all ages enjoying a good old-fashioned creative pastime and not glued to a screen – plus it keeps them quiet for hours!

There are so many different ways to weave the bands to create bracelets, rings and charms with the more ambitious managing to make dresses, bikinis and suits!

Here are a few tutorials for you to try from the relatively simple fish-tail rainbow loom bracelet to the more advanced pencil charm!


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