New Year Party Checklist For The Perfect Host

New Year Party Checklist For The Perfect Host

It’s New Year’s Eve and you’ve invited your friends and family over to celebrate. How though can you ensure that they go away thinking you are the best host EVER? Take a look through our checklist below to see how good you really are!


It’s goes without saying that if you are having people to stay the nifht that their bedding is all freshly washed and dried – and that their beds are made! Nobody wants to do this at 3am…

Clean and vacuum all communal areas & bedrooms

Get all the bathrooms scrubbed – including the toilet, no avoiding that one.

Clean all the kitchen appliances and fittings – the sink especially and all surfaces.

Make space for luggage and coats



Stock the bathroom with the essentials – soap, shampoo, toothpaste toilet paper – if they don’t feel like they are in a 3 star hotel then you’re doing it wrong!

Get some extra stock of items such as razors, toothbrushes and the all important paracetamol, they’ll need some and someone will have forgotten something.

Booze. Does this need explaining?

Snacks. See above

Coffee, Tea & other breakfast items for New Year’s Day.



Get your wi-fi code displayed somewhere so everyone can share their pics and messages at 00:00:01

Local Taxi numbers are also useful to display

Local conveniences for the journey home such as the nearest chippy or kebab house. You know your guests will be grateful!


Have a great party everyone!


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