On The First Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me….

On The First Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me….

We all know the song, and whilst Christmas is the time of giving presents, we also think that a little can go a very long way indeed. So once the big day is upon us and the iPads, Playstations and Bikes have been unwrapped, why not turn your attention to some philanthropic activities where a small amount can make a difference and really make someone’s Christmas.


Day 1 Thursday December 25th, Xmas Day – Give Food

OK, there’ll be plenty of food left over and much of it, whilst reusable, might well be beyond the condition of forming a gift for someone who needs it! But consider all the non-perishable food that you didn’t use in the preparation of your meal, or any other cans, tins or packets that will be left over. Find a local food bank or soup kitchen and donate the food that essentially is just additional calories that you don’t need.

Day 2 Friday December 26th, Boxing Day – Modest Assistance

Over the Christmas festivities, rather than zone out and watch Dr. Who, why not listen to your aunt, uncle, grandparent or in-laws trials and tribulations and see if there’s something that you can assist with. The car might need a service, the garden gate may need mending – whatever it is, see if you can find a modest gift of monetary assistance that will cost you little and help them a lot.

Day 3 Saturday December 27th – Buy Local

After two days of celebration this might be the first time you venture out into the wilds for supplies. Consider then popping down to your local independent retail to get what you need rather than the typical chain stores. Supporting local business may cost a little more at the till, but the jobs and supply chain they support are beneficial in the long-run to you local community.

Day 4 Sunday December 28th – Give Global

There are plenty of organisations you find with a quick Google that support various projects around the world that you can give to. It really is a simple as giving a fiver to really change the fortunes of an individual or a family. Heck you can use your new iPad to do the searches for added sense of perspective.

Day 5 Monday December 29th – Bake Something

OK, if you’re no good a baking this might not be the easiest activity, but that said, if you are awful, it will mean more to the receiver! Although if you are that bad, consider buying…Either way, the point is that you then take whatever it is over to an relative, friend or neighbour who’ll appreciate them most.

Day 6 Tuesday December 30th – Give Protection

It’s likely that the weather will remain pretty crappy throughout the holidays and so why not keep a pair of gloves or a small umbrella about your person so that should you encounter someone who really needs it, you can be on hand to help!

Day 7 Wednesday December 31st New Years Eve – Don’t Ignore The Homeless

It’s likely that you’ll be out and about in some capacity on New Years Eve and so when you are, don’t just walk past that homeless person, give them something. It doesn’t have to be money – a cup of tea, a sandwich, a bus fare – there’s so much you can give besides hard cash where you might wonder where it’s going. You might also still have a pair of gloves and an umbrella with you that you don’t need…

Day 8 Thursday January 1st New Years Day – Crowdsource

Once the hangover has subsided get online and take a look at the multitude of crowdsourcing projects available to you and take a punt on one. Better still, scroll down your Facebook or Twitter feeds and see if there’s a friend that is trying to raise funds for one reason or another.

Day 9 Friday January 2nd – Give Clothes

The January sales will be in full swing and whilst we know that the bargain designer coat you’ve seen should be a treat for you, why not also pop along to the underwear, socks or t-shirt aisle and get some new clothes that you can then donate to a charity shop. Old clothes are fine of course, but give the receiver some self esteem and a break from wearing worn out clothes.

Day 10 Saturday January 3rd – Give a Ridiculous Tip

Depending on whether you went back to work yesterday or not, today could be the last Saturday before returning to work. So, why not take the opportunity to eat out somewhere decent, but perhaps not too expensive or luxury. Then, using the difference in cost that you might have been prepared to pay elsewhere, drop a massive tip for the server. January is, after all, one of the worst months for money issues, and people in the hospitality trade struggle with the dip in demand after Christmas and the New Year.

Day 11 Sunday January 4th – Give money to a school

With a new term just around the corner look into ways you can help your local school. If you have kids in a particular school already then perhaps consider a local school for less able or less privileged kids, or extra curricular clubs looking for funding for a school trip. Also consider volunteering – remember this doesn’t always need to be about money.

Day 12 Monday January 5th – Take an intern or junior team member to lunch

Back at work? Then the final gift to give could just be your knowledge or experience. Offer to take a intern or junior team member to lunch and just offer your ears to talk through any problems they might be having or questions to ask. It doesn’t need to be a formal review – just consider what you’d like to have spoken about when you joined and take it from there!


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