Quick Tips: 18 Surprising Food hints & tips

Quick Tips: 18 Surprising Food hints & tips

1-   Open a bag of Doritos and throw in all the ingredients you need for a taco or burrito and you’re set for a walking Mexican!

2-   If you need to get eggshells out of egg white, wet your fingers beforehand, the pieces will come out easily!

3-   Create tasty cheese sticks by rolling crust-less bread around a cheese slice and shallow fry. Serve with a dip of your choice!

4-   Waffle iron hash-browns for quick, easy and mess free sides!

506a165bd9127e3104000e8c._w.540_h.358_s.fit_  2012.03.01 - Mozzarella Sticks

(image credit: eggs / cheese sticks)

5-   Score a large stone-baked loaf and stuff with sliced cheese and herbs for an amazing tear and share cheese bread!

6-   Create child favourite pancake pops by frying a small amount of batter with a lollipop stick. Drizzle in maple syrup for added sweetness!

7-   For that summer iced coffee, try freezing cookie pieces and milk in your ice cube tray and add to the drink when served!

8-   Build a salad in a jar for lunchtime – dressing at the bottom, hearty items on top, lighter ingredients next and your leaves on top. When you’re ready to eat, either dive in with your fork or turn upside down onto a plate for the perfect salad on the go!

15803  salad-in-a-jar

(image credit: bread / salad jar)

9-   For the perfect BLT, try weaving the rashers together before frying to create a bacon pattie for your sandwich!

10-   For more child friendly pancakes, try making them within metal cookie cutters for fun shapes.

11-   This also works for eggs by the way!

12-   Next time you have a cupcake, cut it sideways in half so that the icing top has a little dough beneath, take the bottom half of dough, place it on the iced top and you have a great cupcake sandwich!

40-chocolate-blueberry-cupcake-sandwich  Halloween-Mini-Pancake-Molds

(image credit: cupcake / cookie cutters)

13-   Stuck without a knife on a camping trip? If you have some dental floss this can be great for cutting soft foods such as pastry, cakes and cheese!

14-   For a heart busting burger, cut out the middle of a raw pattie by using an upturned glass. Fry the pattie along with an egg craked into the hole. Finish with a slice of cheese and pop in a bun. Then lie down.

15-   To lengthen the shelf life of your green leaves, place them into a freezer bag and fill with your breath. The carbon dioxide will keep it fresher, longer!

16-   Back to the cookie cutters – use them as stencils for cake decorations with sprinkles!

17-   Once you’ve opened your new tub of ice-cream (but not finished it, does this happen?) pop it into a freezer bag before putting in the freezer, it will remain as soft as when you first opened it.

18-   To get the most juice out of your lemon (or other fruit) try squeezing them with a good pair of tongs to get every last drop out – great for BBQ’s!

LittleLifeOfMine_Sprinkles3_cut  mld103351_0608_lemonade_l

(image credit: cake / lemon)

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