Renewable Energy Firm Offers Free Biomass Boiler Installation

Renewable Energy Firm Offers Free Biomass Boiler Installation

South Yorkshire-based renewable energy providers A Shade Greener has launched a scheme that offers businesses a free commercial wood-pellet boiler installation.  They will install the system and provide twenty years’ maintenance.  The boiler itself, the installation and servicing is all completely free of charge in return for a percentage of the Renewable Heat Incentive tariff for which the boiler will be eligible for twenty years.

The benefit of having the wood pellet boiler installed is that using wood pellets is a sustainable and renewable fuel source that isn’t subject to the inflation of traditional fuels such as gas, liquid propane gas and oil.  A Shade Greener provide all of the servicing and maintenance free of charge, ensuring that the customer will have uninterrupted heating and hot water.  The customer will also earn money through cash-back every year from the Renewable Heat Incentive as A Shade Greener will only take a percentage of this to cover their costs for the boiler, servicing and maintenance.

A Shade Greener will survey the customer’s property and after this the installation takes just forty-eight hours, with less than four hours’ connection time.  They will also connect the boiler to the existing heating controls for ease of use.

The customer won’t have to worry about the wood pellet fuel or who is providing it as A Shade Greener will monitor the fuel levels and ensure that their nominated fuel provider delivers the fuel in good time.  The fuel is then simply pumped into the boiler’s internal fuel store.

Thousands of A Shade Greener customers are already enjoying the benefits of saving and earning thousands of pounds every year.

The boiler model provided by a Shade Greener is Froling’s award winning, high efficiency P4.  The boiler is self-cleaning and its operations are near inaudible.  The P4 boiler is linked to a buffer vessel which provides the heat and hot water for the building.  The pellet fuel store has a reliable auto feed mechanism to the boiler so the customer doesn’t need to worry about any manual topping up of fuel.  The fuel store is timber clad to ensure it blends in with the surroundings.    Normally a commercial biomass boiler would cost at least £200,000 to buy and install; and on top of this the customer would normally have to administer and pay for the servicing and maintenance – but with A Shade Greener’s deal this is all included for free.  They can remotely monitor your system and schedule any servicing needed.  All maintenance, repairs and parts are included for twenty years.

The deal will be especially beneficial for businesses who have high heating needs and would like to make savings in this area, but would find it difficult to find the up-front costs of buying and installing a commercial biomass boiler.  Among A Shade Greener’s delighted customers already enjoying savings of approximately 40% or more on their fuel bills are: The Fields Care Home, New Leaf Garden Centre and Gainsborough Engineering Company.  You can use A Shade Greener’s on-line calculate on their website to calculate how much you could save on fuel – savings which can be diverted into other areas of your business.

The percentage of the RHI payments that A Shade Greener passes onto the customer will increase after about seven to ten years, and thereafter the amount of the tariff they pass on will increase every year (to as much as 70%, depending on how much fuel the customer uses).  The RHI is paid by Ofgem and is guaranteed for twenty years, providing a risk-free, cost saving strategy.

Using renewable energy can send out a positive message to your customers that they are purchasing from a forward-thinking company.  Added to this is the benefit of avoiding green taxes and climate change levies.

If you would like more information on how you can use biomass to heat your home or business then go to



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