Rumours on the iPad 2 Air…

Rumours on the iPad 2 Air…

Have you recovered from the excitement of the iPhone 6 launch yet? Well there is talk that Apple have another date in their diary – Tuesday 21st October.

Will this be the iPad Air 2 launch? We think so.

So what do we think the iPad Air 2 will have to offer? Well, after sorting through all the latest rumours we have some information to pass on!


What’s on offer?

With the recent launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we think we’ve been given a real insight into what the new iPad Air 2 will have on offer.

Firstly the Apple A8 SoC arrived with the iPhone 6, giving us 50% faster graphics and 25% faster CPU, so that’s a definite to see in the iPad Air 2.

The iPhone 6 didn’t have Sapphire glass, but used an ion-strengthened glass, so we’re guessing the same will be used for the 9.7 inch display on the iPad Air 2. In addition there’s talk that the new iPad will also have ‘anti-reflective’ screens, making the iPad easier to use in bright sunlight.

With the recent launch of iOS8, some new features have been added, more noticeably Touch ID being available to use by other apps. Rumours are hinting that this fingerprint reader will appear on the new iPad Air 2 for the first time.



Leaked images to of the iPad Air 2 prototype suggest that it will be more of a tweak than a brand new design. With more leaked images, posted on a Chinese blogging site Sina Weibo, appear to show the back case of an iPad 2 Air. The main differences to note (though slight) are: the speaker grille has been changed from 2 rows of holes to 1 row, the volume buttons are in an ‘indent’ and the removal of the rotation lock/mute switch (as this can be accessed via the iOS Control Centre).

air2-leak-03-900-90_0 ipad_air_2_rear_cover_2_0

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We also think that Apple have added a microphone next to the rear camera lens (which would match the iPhone 5S & 5C) to enhance the sound pick up when filming. If this is the case, then we would also expect to see a microphone to appear on the front next to the Facetime camera so to make the video calling clearer.

We believe that the camera on the iPad Air 2 will also have an upgrade, from a 5-megapixel to 8-megapixel, as it’s been a while.



We have been referring to this new Apple product as the iPad 2 Air but that’s something we aren’t sure on, its name.  Apple don’t necessarily name their products in any particular order, as since the original iPad we’ve had the iPad 2, the New iPad (referred to as the iPad 3), the iPad with Retina display (referred to as iPad 4) and then the iPad Air (iPad 5!) So will the next iPad be the iPad Air 2 or the New iPad Air or any combination of the above!? We just don’t know – but for now we will keep calling it the iPad Air 2.



Apple are pretty consistent with their pricing, with the new model costing the same as the last year’s model, so we’d expect the same for this year:

GB                   Wi-Fi only        Wi-Fi & 4G

16GB               £399                £499

32GB               £479                £579

64GB               £639                £739


There are also rumours that the iPad Mini refresh will be launched in the first quarter of 2015 now and not alongside the iPad Air 2 so watch this space!

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