Save Energy And Money By Driving Smarter

Save Energy And Money By Driving Smarter

Did you know you could save yourself between £200-£300 a year just by driving smarter? Here’s how…

Switch Off Your Engine

Newer cars do turn themselves off when stationary and in neutral, but if yours doesn’t think about turning your engine off, especially in heavy traffic jams.

Higher Gear

Lower revs equals a lower flow of petrol and so less consumption. Most cars can be efficiently driven to about 2000 rpm before changing up.

Drive Smoothly

Anticipation on the road is vital for safety but it’s also important for fuel efficiency. Judging how the road behaves ahead will allow you to brake and accelerate more smoothly and use less petrol.

Slow Down

Faster speeds equal higher revs and more petrol, even in a high gear. Slow it down and you’ll start to save money.

Keeping Cool

At lower speeds windows open are more efficient than air conditioning. Above 60 mph though close the windows and turn on the AC.


Keep your tyres correctly inflated as softer tyres create more friction with the road and burn more petrol, as well as being dangerous.

Roof Racks

They may be a necessity at times but when they aren’t being used they are literally a drag. Take them off when you don’t need them and save some petrol.

Lighten Up

Excess weight in the car just bogs you down and requires more revs and so more petrol to get around. Take out anything that you just don’t need to take with you.

Trade Up

If you are in the position where a new car is an option take a look at how much you could save with a modern fuel efficient engine.

Fewer Wheels

If it’s a viable option take a look at small motorbike or scooter for your commute. Many of these can get over 100 mpg and are often tax exempt. Not great for a long journey though!


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