Savvy ideas for small gardens

Savvy ideas for small gardens

If you live in an apartment or town house with a small yard, you can still create a beautiful and interesting garden without it costing the earth. Whether its flowers, vegetables or herbs that you want to grow, there are plenty of savvy and creative ideas.

Ingenious ideas for urban apartments include suspended upside-down ceiling pots, magnetic two-piece window pots or a modular rope-and-pulley herb garden!

Vertical gardens can be designed to suit your needs and are easy to implement and maintain. So if you wanted a herb “feature” garden in your kitchen, disguise an old fence or have a living piece of “art” on your wall – there’s an inventive idea for your space.

Recycling is a great way to get creative whilst keeping the costs to a minimum and being “eco friendly”. Use anything from tin cans which can be painted and hung on fences/walls, old garden benches that can’t be sat on any more or even tree stumps that can’t be removed to give your garden a unique and interesting look.

And don’t forget your garden furniture can also help transform a small space into a place to relax or entertain with space saving fold away chairs or garden trolleys that can double up as a table for plant pots or for drinks and nibbles.

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