‘Savvy’ ways to cut your food

‘Savvy’ ways to cut your food

Do you know the easiest way to open that banana?

Or how’s best to get the most juice out of that lime?


I’m sure we’ve all had problems cutting up certain foods like:

Artichokes – how do you get right to the heart?

Bananas – how to open them without squishing the top?

Onions – how to cut them up without it all coming apart?

Limes – what’s the best way to squeeze all that juice out without a juicer?

Cake – what is the best way to keep a birthday cake fresh after taking a slice?

Kiwi’s – what’s the best way to eat this fruit?

Watermelon – how do you eat a slice without getting it all up your face?


Well, ‘Call Me Savvy’ may have just found the answers to make your life a whole lot easier! For solutions for the above ‘food cutting’ problems and more, follow this link!

I know I’ll be trying a few at home tonight!!


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