Smart tricks to a savvier you

Smart tricks to a savvier you

Try some of these savvy tricks to help you live smarter! Here’s a list of our favourites.

BAG A BARGAIN – find the best car boot sale near you and put these tips into practice: 1) Arrive early so you get the pick of what’s on offer 2) Don’t wear your best clothes as stall holders will often price goods according to what they think you can afford 3) Haggle, haggle, haggle – the first price offered isn’t really what they are expecting for it, it’s just a starting point 4) Be prepared with batteries to test electrical items, tap measure to measure up and even carrier bags!

EBAY AUCTIONS – try and time your auction to end between 7-8pm on a Sunday evening as research shows that this is when most people are around to place bids.

MAXIMISE THOSE WORKOUTS – to help maximise weight loss it’s best to introduce some ‘resistance’ to your training, as the body will continue to burn calories after so to repair itself and the muscle gained increases the bodies metabolism.

HOME MADE LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER – Mix 1 part conditioner and 3 parts water into a spray bottle, shake well and you’ll have your own leave-in conditioner.

THE PERFECT SELFIE – 1) stand next to a window for natural light 2) to help slim your face, hold the phone above your head at a 45 degree angle 3) tap the screen where you want the main focus to be i.e. your face 4) look into the lens for eye contact 5) to help boost your complexion try using Inkwell or Willow filter in Instagram.

STOP THOSE SQUEAKY FLOOR BOARDS – Squeaky wooden floor boards? Then simply sweep some talcum powder into the affected area.

STICKER RESIDUE – Yukky sticker residue left over? Simply use diluted vinegar on a cloth and press for a few minutes. It will make the glue less sticky and so easier to get off. Or if you have lighter fluid, this does the same trick!

TIPS FOR GETTING RID OF STAINS – 1) Red wine is a usual culprit on the carpet but easy to get out with soda water. Simply soak up the excess wine, douse the stain with soda water and dab it with a paper towel until it’s all gone 2) Pollen from lillies is renowned for staining. Do NOT rub as this will set the stain into your carpet/furnishings, simply use sticky tape to lift away the pollen then vaccuum any left over 3) Ink stains are unsightly so remove them by soaking it in warm milk, then scrub the stain in soapy water until it fades away.

PERFECT SCRAMBLED EGGS – Heat a non-stick pan so it’s warm (not hot), whisk the eggs until they are creamy and add them to the pan. Leave the eggs for about 20 seconds without stirring to keep the air in. Using a wooden spoon, gently fold the eggs so that the uncooked egg goes to the bottom of the pan, leave to cook for a few more seconds then repeat the folding process again. Take the pan off  heat, leave for a few seconds as the eggs will continue to cook from the heat of the pan. Stir once and serve perfect fluffy scrambled eggs.

PAPERLESS BILLING – by signing up to paperless billing you can save £5-£15 per year off your fuel bill. Add this up across all your utility bills and you’ll see a difference.

PERFECT FLUFFY RICE – Using a wide pan (wider the better), add 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water. Stir the rice just once after the water has been added and don’t stir it again, as continuous stirring releases the starch and you’ll end up with stodgy rice. Turn the heat down and cover with a well fitting lid and leave for the recommended cooking time. The rice is ready when small holes appear on the surface and all the water has gone. Remove the pan lid and cover with a clean tea towel to absorb the steam. Fluff rice and serve.


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