Smart Ways To Save Money In 2015

Smart Ways To Save Money In 2015

It’s the start of a New Year, and of course, it’s the start of January, a month often cited as the worst for your finances. So here at Savvy Towers we’ve been busy thinking of smart ways to help you save some money in 2015.

Not Going Out

OK, we’re not saying that your social life needs to end just to save some cash, but it’s an often overlooked way of having a good time without spending big at your favourite restaurant or bars. Get a few friends over, get a movie marathon on and enjoy yourself for a tenth of the cost.

Plan Your Meals

This has more than one benefit in that it helps you plan healthy meals and avoid binge buying at the supermarket. As we’re talking about money here though we’ll focus on that – if you know exactly what you plan to eat for the week then you’ll avoid buying too much or buying bad food. Additionally if you are someone who can cook from scratch yourself then you’ll find that bulk buying ingredients can really lower your food bills.


This isn’t necessarily about saving money or being tight, but it is about knowing what is coming in and what is going out of your account. Try breaking everything down into sections – food, direct debits, rent/mortgage, social – and just understand where you are spending. From there you can start to reduce the amount of spend in certain areas and start to save money.

Set Some Goals

Once you are on top of what you spend and can save, set yourself a goal. Whether it’s a purchase, a treat or just a balance, set it and stick to it.

Don’t Get Too Emotional

If you are the sort of person that shops when you are sad, or shops when you are happy, or shops when you are neither, stop. Buying anything based on a emotional need is dangerous, and can ruin all your hard work saving. Instead, try and focus on some changes that can prevent your shopping mood taking hold or actions that can mute it once it’s upon you. Over time you’ll find that you are spending a lot less on things that you don’t always need.


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